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What are the reasons for customized medal shaping

Each metal medal has to be elaborately engraved with the heart.The production effect of metal MEDALS directly affects the quality of sales, so the production of metal MEDALS is the key.How are metal MEDALS shaped?Let's look at it.

How are metal MEDALS shaped?

Metal MEDALS are widely used in mechanical molding process of production, and the material is closely related to the characteristics of, usually adopt stainless steel, high melting point metal medal difficult casting molding, stainless steel metal hardness lower steel has certain plasticity processing performance, using the appropriate machining parameters and processing equipment, can obtain high quality metal MEDALS.Here's how the metal medal is made:

The stainless steel profile of the lathe is used directly as a medal, the most common of the rings and bangle, accounting for a large proportion.Lathe stainless steel ring and vibrating alloy ring.Due to the different material characteristics of stainless steel and alloy, turning has some difficulties. According to the characteristics of materials, suitable processing parameters are selected and prepared to ensure the precision and surface quality of MEDALS.

A porter had difficulty cutting stainless steel and didn't know what to do.Now we will analyze the difficult points of stainless steel cutting, hoping to be helpful to you:

1. With low thermal conductivity, the cutting heat cannot be transmitted in time.With up to 20 percent of the heat of the tool's descendant, the cutting edge of the tool is prone to overheat and loss of cutting ability.

2 chip adhesion, easy to produce tumor.Stainless steel has high adhesion, and the flipped material "sticks" to the top of the cutter, resulting in "knife tumor".

Chips don't break easily.During metal cutting, the plastic material (ductile material) chip forming process goes through four stages: extrusion, sliding, cracking and separation.

4. Strong tendency to work hardening, making the tool easy to wear.Stainless steel processing tends to have higher strength, higher hardness of hardening layer, and a certain degree of working hardening depth, which increases the processing difficulty and tool wear.

Metal medal production not only emphasizes quality, but now people pay more attention to the connotation of the medal and the significance of this production.MEDALS have always been a special product with a high degree of special significance.Therefore, the significance of medal making must be positive and can inspire people to progress.MEDALS have always been a reward to successful people, an incentive.

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