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The badge customization production technology difference

Emblem of the lacquer that bake

The surface can be coated with a clear protective resin (polli), a process known as "drip "(note that the badge will be shiny because of the refraction of the light), but the roasting badges with the resin lose their concavity, but can protect the LOGO.

The surface of the imitation enamel badge is flat, (as opposed to the painting, actually the metallic lines on the imitation enamel badge are slightly convex with your fingers) the lines on the badge can be gold, silver and other metallic colors, and the metallic lines are filled with various kinds of imitation enamel pigments.

1. Badge sandblasting technology: the process of clearing the impact effect of high-speed sand flow and roughening the base surface;Generally applicable to AL data, AL plate is generally sandblasting oxidation, two types of thickness.

2. Badge painting technology.The technique of painting badges is also called spray oil.Spray oil on the finished surface of the badge to cover up defects such as weld marks, and contrast luster, color selection variety.

3. Badge spraying technology: spraying should be carried out through the process of cleaning, deoiling, spraying and drying.Spray painting is a kind of processing method in the process of making badges. At the same time, spray painting is a method of special gun work.

4. Badge painting technology: the painting technology is mainly about metal badges, which shall be processed through high-temperature washing, oil removal, degreasing, paint spraying, entering the oven and other procedures, and finally manufactured into badges with strong metal texture and good quality.

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