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Customized materials and maintenance for marathon medal

 Medal making common medal material: it is made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials. It is also made of stone, wood, resin, organic and even several kinds of combination.Now the crystal class trophy began to replace the metal class of trophies, glass trophies high prices, but now more and more people began to use.Typical example: Beijing 2008 Olympic medal.Beijing Olympic MEDALS use white jade in gold, white jade in silver and green jade in bronze.

Generally, MEDALS in large competitions are pure bronze, silver and gold.Marathon MEDALS, typically zinc alloy, will be plated, gold, silver or copper or whatever

There are many customized maintenance methods for MEDALS. Here are several methods:

1. To prevent metal trophies and MEDALS from being damaged mechanically, they should not collide with each other or stack up against each other.

2, the placement space for metal trophy MEDALS must remain dry, free of dust and air pollutants.Temperature in 18 - 24 , relative humidity from 40% to 50%.

3. Prevent the contact with metal cups, such as acid, grease and chloride.

4. After placing the metal trophies and MEDALS for a long time, some dull and matte phenomena will appear depending on the placed environment. This time, it can be wiped back and forth gently with cotton and silk fine cloth to achieve the effect of polishing, so that the protective wax layer on the surface can be re-radiant.

5. The dust on the MEDALS of metal trophies should be wiped with clean and soft cloth, and those corner details that require special care should be brushed with soft fur, or sucked or blown away with vacuum tube.

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