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Medal customization is how to repair the medal burr and identify the small skills

Four points to note when repairing tin alloy medallion burrs:

1. Use the repair knife along the direction of burr to remove the burr and the mold line. Pay attention to uniform force.

2. Notice that the Angle of repair knife and the Angle of tin alloy medal is about 45 degrees. If the Angle is small, the edge of tin alloy medal will be scratched.

3. If you encounter large products with metal edges, it may be difficult to use the repair knife at this time. First use the shaking machine to polish, and then use sandpaper to gently wipe, so that the surface effect of tin alloy MEDALS is better!

4. If the product is complex and the shape is complex, then the burr of the edge Angle is difficult to be repaired with a spatula, and the dead Angle generated from the shape may need to be repaired with the tungsten steel grinding rod of the light crane, but the tungsten steel grinding rod needs oil, which will be more round!

Tips for identifying commemorative MEDALS:

1. Imitation and true enamel:

True enamels are made of red copper. Imitation enamels can be made of red copper, bronze, iron, etc.Imitation enamel is more colorful than real enamel.The real enamel is made of solid particle enamel and a paste made of imitation enamel.True enamel looks grainy in color, more delicate and smooth in imitation.The overall feel of the real medallion will be slightly convex and curved, and the imitation medallion feels smooth.

2. Imitation of enamel and baking paint:

Imitation enamel surface for the plane smooth, baking paint for concavoconvex, color part of the depression, metal lines or metal surface convex.The surface of the baking finish will be smooth if bori is added.

3. Baking paint and stamping:

Paint for color, stamping for no color, only metal color.Stamping process is faster than baking paint.

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