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Metal key chain customization why use equipment customization

What equipment is used to make metal key rings?

The circle above is very simple, and I won't say it.Let's talk about chain stores: if your chain is one of the metal chains (chain stores are the most), then the hardest thing to do here is chain stores.

Coarser logs are ground first with a corner grinder, then sanded, and again and again from coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper.Do not grind fine sandpaper and return to rough sandpaper.If there are cracks in the logs, the cracks can be repaired with 502 glue (instant glue) and polished ebony powder during the grinding process.

First prepare a square piece of paper, fold it diagonally to get the cross-creases, then open it up, then fold the square parallel to get a small rectangle, then fold the small triangle inward along the crease to get the triangle, then flip one of the angles and repeat the fourth step of the other three angles.Then fold the two lower angles toward the middle and fold the other three sides.Repeat in step 5 to get the first photo below.Then flip one Angle and fold the other three sides.Then, at the top corner, pull the folded four corners down again, then fold the top sides toward the center, while the other three sides should fold.And then you can raise the base Angle.Turn it out, and all four corners will be flipped so that it will be folded.Basic tools for making beads by hand:

1. Cutting pliers (also called diagonal pliers, wire money) : it is used to cut some thin steel wire or needle of improper length, etc. It is recommended not to use cutting rough steel ring (such as ring, handcuff, etc.);

2. Round nose pliers (also known as round nose pliers, round pliers) : used for beautiful curved round, generally used for 9 needles, t-shaped needles, etc.;

3. Needle-nose pliers (2 kinds of flat or toothed patterns) : can be used for leveling locating beads, bending lines or straight needle, disconnecting rings, etc.Toothless forceps can avoid leaving marks on the parts and affect the appearance;Tooth forceps can prevent items from falling off;More USES need to be practiced slowly;

4. Jiaozi: for carrying some small accessories, especially for sticking hand drills or small objects;

5. Scissors: used for cutting thread and rope;

6. glue: if don't need to paste, anyway don't prepare, glue water AB glue, instant glue, hot melt glue stick AB glue - is used to drill out a more effective and quick drying adhesive - often used as adjuvant, after drying, resulting in more brittle, avoid falling, not suitable for paste drilling, protrudes from white edge, I usually use it to render hot melt adhesive suitable for viscous fabric, also need glue ear.There is also a kind of hot melt glue gun, this kind of hot melt glue gun USES hot glue, glue strip can be heated directly with fire, but can make glue blacken, affect production effect

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