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Medal customization can not ignore the details and maintenance methods

Metal medal production materials, from the current demand for medal production users, obviously bronze MEDALS, stainless steel MEDALS can no longer meet the customer's high-end demand, the choice of what medal materials, whether the medal is high-end.

Many MEDALS, claiming to be high-end MEDALS, but the font in the MEDALS will not be selected, the title of the MEDALS set for what font, text type, completely unknown.All common fonts are to be understood.

Metal MEDALS in the daily production, there will be many details to be carefully perfected.In addition to the major aspects, local attention to detail is also necessary to strengthen.For example, the choice of what style of the medal wooden support, what kind of medal backplate to match it, but also can not be ignored.

Metal MEDALS have a lot of care, common and practical methods are as follows:

1. The dust on the metal MEDALS should be wiped off with clean and soft cloth. For those corner details that require special care, the dust should be removed by soft brush or vacuum or blown away.It is better to seal the mouth of the bag with an airtight bag.

2. The placement space of metal MEDALS must be kept dry, free of dust and air pollutants.Temperature in 18 - 24 , relative humidity from 40% to 50%;

3. To prevent metal MEDALS from mechanical damage, they should not collide with each other, and should not be stacked up and placed;

4. After placing the metal MEDALS for a long time, some dull and matte phenomena will appear depending on the placed environment. At this time, you can use the cotton silk fine cloth to wipe gently back and forth to achieve the effect of polishing, so that the protective wax layer on the surface can be re-coruscate and shining.

5. Prevent metal MEDALS from contacting hazardous chemical substances, such as acids, grease and chloride.

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