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What kind of shape does the custom key ring have?

The appearance of customized key chain is as follows:

1.Cartoon doll appearance key chain

Many companies attach great importance to the brand image. If they have a cartoon image plan of their own, they can make it into a real doll.Do not love the cartoon appearance wan is at present, imitate if nimble pixie, pick is nearby, bring you better destiny luck limit.

2.PVC flexible plastic key chain

The very competitive costs of prevailing outside the industry.

Low cost of mold making, fast speed to two days, fast to a week for mass consumption.

The product materials and other products were consistent with western European testing standards, and were not tested by RoHS CE, REACH, 16P, en-71, CPSIA and FDA.

3.Cartoon metal key chain

Metal key chains are leading the way in building corporate figures. Metal key chains are not only shiny, but also difficult to retain

Advanced, more interesting as a gift to a client or partner.

4.Cartoon leather key chain

The company also does not print the company's image on the cortical key chain, more decorative key chain is wonderful, cortical key chain is in the texture, visual aspects can give people a more luxurious and expensive impression.

5.Key chain in lovers' shape

The key chain of lovers' appearance mostly adopts metal material construction, the key chain looks bright and beautiful, the metal material material is difficult to retain, and light difficult to build the total love meaning appearance.

6.Round square key chain shape key chain

This type of key chain is usually used to announce that the construction of the key chain has been stopped, and is usually used to reduce the printing of promotional information.This type of confessional key chain is being compared to a wide range of materials, whether built to metal key chain, PVC plastic key chain

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