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The technological process of commemorative coin customization

First, choose custom materials for the medal and blank production

Commemorative stamps are usually made of copper alloy sheet with semi-hard state and a certain amount of rolling margin.First, one or two times of cold finish rolling on finishing mill to ensure that the thickness meets the specified technical requirements.In order to ensure that after rolling the surface of the plate smooth, will not affect the quality of finished products.Keep as clean and smooth as possible throughout the process.There should be no defects such as scratches, dents and corrosion on the surface of the plate.Through the medal customization process of the above series, a qualified large bronze medallion cake was made.

Second, design and make custom stamps for medals

To create a beautiful, beautiful, exquisite craft and full of artistic charm, you must have a qualified stamp mold.In the customization of commemorative COINS, an extremely important technology is the design and production of molds.

A full medal is custom-made, consisting of two fronts and a back.The design of the customized pattern of the medal is the first process of the coin making mold making, which is an embodiment of the art and art on the coin.In order to fully reflect the custom surface of the medal, the medal designer is very important.When the customized designer of the medal accepts the design task of the product, he must first actively collect relevant information according to the nature and requirements of the product, carefully conduct the concept creation, and draw the customization of the artwork medal.

Third, custom-made embossing and electroplating of medals

The MEDALS are custom-made by large tonnage embossing machines, and commemorative stamps are printed on the plates.Embossing is the main process of coinmaking and the core of coinmaking.The finished stamps must be inspected strictly.After embossing is complete, the big bronze medal will also be trimmed and trimmed.According to different theme requirements, in order to better reflect the unique charm of large bronze MEDALS, bronze MEDALS can be gold-plated, silver-plated or vulcanized, further enhancing the appreciation value and collection value of large bronze MEDALS.

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