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    The technological process of commemorative coin customization
    First, choose custom materials for the medal and blank productionCommemorative stamps are usually made of copper alloy sheet with semi-hard state and a certain amount of rolling margin.First, one or two times of cold finish rolling on finishing mill to ensure that the thickness meets the specified technical requirement...
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    What are the maintenance methods of the medals
    What are the maintenance methods that we will bring you MEDALS today?I hope you can have a deeper understanding of this problem through our introduction1. The dust on the MEDALS of metal trophies should be wiped with clean and soft cloth, and those corner details that require special care should be brushed with soft fu...
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    What kind of shape does the custom key ring have?
    The appearance of customized key chain is as follows:1.Cartoon doll appearance key chainMany companies attach great importance to the brand image. If they have a cartoon image plan of their own, they can make it into a real doll.Do not love the cartoon appearance wan is at present, imitate if nimble pixie, pick is near...
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    Medal customization can not ignore the details and maintenance methods
    Metal medal production materials, from the current demand for medal production users, obviously bronze MEDALS, stainless steel MEDALS can no longer meet the customer's high-end demand, the choice of what medal materials, whether the medal is high-end.Many MEDALS, claiming to be high-end MEDALS, but the font in the ...
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    Metal key chain customization why use equipment customization
    What equipment is used to make metal key rings?The circle above is very simple, and I won't say it.Let's talk about chain stores: if your chain is one of the metal chains (chain stores are the most), then the hardest thing to do here is chain stores.Coarser logs are ground first with a corner grinder, then sand...
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